Pet Friendly Artificial Grass For Dogs

Everyone who has a beautiful grassy backyard and has dogs knows the damage they can do to your otherwise gorgeous green lawn. Dogs (and kids) tend to be rough on grass… Of course, there’s the digging, rolling in the grass to try and get the smell all over them, and when they go outside to do their business, it can leave brown spots and dead grass. They can also leave muddy areas which then get tracked inside your beautiful home. It seems like no matter how small your dogs are, or how much you try to stay on top of keeping your natural grass lawn beautiful, you’re fighting a losing battle.


So what are the alternatives to beautiful natural grass?

CEMENT – Some people like to hardscape the area with cement. That will solve some of the problems, of course, and if you have kids that play basketball then cementing your backyard can be a great alternative. We have yet to see a dog who can do much damage to a smooth concrete pad in the backyard.

But if you want a backyard that is warm and inviting, a hard concrete pad probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

GRAVEL – Gravel works, as far as reducing the problems associated with dead patches in your lawn, but the digging can still be a big issue. Also, weeds can always get through, causing another unsightly mess which can be time-consuming and costly to combat.

Plus, if your dogs are anything like most dogs, they just don’t enjoy a graveled backyard as much as they enjoy a soft grassy one. Dogs love to run around and play, roll, and have a good time on the lush cushioning of grass. When they’re on a gravel or concrete surface, they really don’t seem to enjoy it nearly as much.

These hardscape alternatives are just not nearly as nice, serene and inviting as a beautiful lush green grass backyard.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous natural looking green grass backyard surface, but is much more durable and consistent in its appearance and performance, consider the possibility of installing artificial grass turf instead.

What can be done to mitigate the pet smells when using artificial grass?

Pet odors are caused by the bacteria that grows in pet waste. Those odors can be significantly reduced by utilizing a proper antimicrobial infill when installing the grass. The antimicrobial infill helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. The use of such a high quality antimicrobial infill has revolutionized artificial grass for pet use. It’s an essential component for modern landscape installations and hundreds of sports fields that require a safe, clean and long-lasting synthetic lawn infill for children, pets and athletes.

Dog on artificial grass lawn

What makes artificial grass pet turf so great for dogs?

  • Unique backing allows for plenty of drainage which reduces odors
  • Durable construction of base, backing and grass fibers resist discoloration and matting of blades of grass
  • Artificial grass looks great all the time, no worries about pet waste killing the grass
  • No more digging and no more mud and other debris being tracked into your home!
  • Won’t aggravate allergies to grass, fertilizers and other common skin irritants
  • Artificial grass drains quickly and doesn’t allow for standing muddy pools in your backyard that your dog might roll in, keeping your backyard AND your home cleaner and easier to maintain

If you’re looking for a great, pet-friendly alternative to natural grass in your backyard, Artificial Grass Pet Turf is a great solution for you. It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great year-round, even in our hot Arizona climate. To clean up and refresh the synthetic grass you just need to pick up any solid waste and hose off the pet turf surface thoroughly. Your grass will spring back to life and will remain beautiful.

Synthetic grass pet turf will hold up much better than natural grass will, even in heavily populated dog kennels. It’s more user-friendly than concrete or gravel. Your dogs, your kids, and even you will love it!

Is it time to upgrade your backyard grass with a pet-friendly alternative?
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