Stunning Artificial Grass Transformation at Scottsdale Plaza Resort

We’re honored that The Scottsdale Plaza Resort trusted us to transform The Plaza Lawn event area with 3,000 square feet of gorgeous new artificial grass. This is our second installation for the Resort. The Plaza Lawn hosts everything from weddings to corporate events, and this artificial grass lawn will keep it looking great 365 days a year. Guests won’t have to worry about wearing high heels and sinking into the mud. Brides won’t worry about soiling their white wedding gowns, and the grounds crew won’t have to close the venue down for overseeding and maintenance.

The Resort will save a ton of money each year in reduced maintenance costs, and they can book back to back events without having to schedule in mowing, watering, winter lawn transformations, and more.

But the absolute best part of this artificial grass transformation is how beautiful the venue now looks. It’s picture-perfect for wedding photos, and for any event you can imagine. Just take a look for yourself…