Does an Artificial Lawn Get Hot?

artificial-grass-for-dogsWhen considering installing a new artificial grass lawn, one of the things many homeowners ask is how hot does the synthetic turf get in the summer, especially in Arizona. Is it safe and comfortable for your kids and pets to play on? Do you need to do anything to help cool it down?

The answers to these questions are complex. In Phoenix, in the summer it can get hot. Really, really H-O-T. Subsequently, the surfaces outside will also get hot.

The good news is that, unlike real grass lawns, your artificial grass lawn will always look lush and green, even if we’re in the third month of extreme 100+ degree temperatures. Your lawn won’t dry out and die, and you won’t have to use an excessive amount of water just to try and keep it alive.

Artificial grass will generally be much cooler than concrete or asphalt, or other hard surfaces. And when you’re selecting your grass, choosing a lighter color green, rather than a dark green, will help keep its surface temperature down a bit too.

But in the heat of the Arizona sun, when temperatures are soaring well past 100°, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep the grass cool for your kids and pets.

Spraying the synthetic grass down with water from your hose will immediately cool it down, since the sand used in the installation process will help hold in the moisture, and similar to spraying water on yourself, the evaporation process will keep it cool and comfortable.

A misting system can also help keep add moisture to your lawn and keep your artificial grass lawn cool. Many people will install a permanent fixture around the perimeter of their yard, and over the patio area for extra backyard enjoyment and entertaining. There are also many easy-to-set-up temporary misting systems on the market today, if you want something just for the hot Arizona summer months.

Ample shade can dramatically reduce the surface temperature of your artificial grass installation. It’s a great way to keep your backyard usable and family friendly all year long. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your little ones getting sunburned when they go out to play on their artificial grass lawn.


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In addition to hosing down your new artificial grass, providing shade, and misting systems, there are some things your artificial grass installation team can do to dramatically decrease the amount of surface heat on your synthetic grass lawn.

Recent scientific advances in the technology involving heat dispersion have had a groundbreaking impact on surface temperatures of artificial grass lawns.

In the height of the Arizona summer, surface temperatures of untreated artificial grass can reach upwards of 180°F. But new scientifically-developed infill sands can dramatically reduce surface temperatures by as much as 30-50°F, even further if it’s wet, allowing you to enjoy your synthetic turf all year long.

When this special infill is installed with your artificial grass lawn, you will water down your grass to hydrate and activate the infill, which will initiate the cooling process. Once activated, the infill will help cool your artificial grass surface for up to several hours before needing to rewater it again when the temperature is in triplet digits. During more mild months, you may not even need to water it again for a few days, depending on the evaporation, humidity, and the direct sunlight hitting the surface.

Celebrity Greens is the clear, cool choice for your artificial grass lawn installation.

At Celebrity Greens Phoenix, if you’re interested in installing an artificial grass lawn that your kids and pets can use year-round, just let us know. We can incorporate the most advanced, heat-absorbing infill when installing your artificial grass lawn in the Phoenix area. With proper technique, we make sure your lawn can be safe, usable, and beautiful year-round.

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There are a few ways you can keep your artificial grass grass cooler in the summertime.

  • A heat-absorbing infill, used during the installation process, can reduce surface temperatures by 30-50°
  • Install fake grass in an area that is shaded from afternoon sunlight
  • Hose the grass down for a quick solution to hot grass
  • Use pergolas, canopies and other backyard additions to add shade
  • Misting systems can add moisture to your grass, dramatically reducing surface temperatures