How Long Will My Synthetic Grass Last?

Replacing your natural lawn with synthetic grass is a big change and there are many factors to consider. Before finalizing your decision, you’re probably wondering how long your synthetic grass will last. In this article, we’ll shed some light on the subject so you can determine whether or not the result is worth the investment.

The manufacturing technology behind today’s artificial grass has come a long way. The yarns used hold their shape and color much better than artificial grass from years gone by. Even the shape of the individual blades of grass have been engineered to resist compression and matting. The dyes used in the synthetic grass manufacturing process are durable and hold their color well, as long as you care for them properly

All of these many improvements made to newer artificial grass products results in a much longer lifespan for your artificial grass lawn. This is not your grandfather’s fake grass. It used to be that once you installed a new artificial grass lawn, the fibers would start breaking down fairly quickly, particularly in hot climates like Arizona. The first generation of artificial grass products were made of basic quality plastic, which would become dry and brittle and loose its color after a few years. Fairly quickly the grass would become dull, start matting down and breaking off.

Unfortunately, some artificial turf provided by discount installers, is made in Asia and may still use those old inferior, cheaper products.

However, quality-conscious artificial turf installers like Celebrity Greens, use premium USA manufactured synthetic grass which comes with an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty. And with proper care, we often see our artificial grass lawns lasting 10, even 15, years.


arizona backyard artificial grass landscaping with playground

Some things you can do to keep your artificial grass looking great for as long as possible:

  • Promptly remove pet waste and debris – If you have pets, or if other debris lands on your grass, removing it as quickly as possible will help maintain the original shape, height and texture of the blades of grass.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – While it’s true that artificial grass requires almost no maintenance at all compared to a natural grass lawn, regularly cleaning it with a spray hose will keep it clean and help maintain the overall appearance of the grass.
  • Avoid strong reflections from windows shining on the grass. – In Arizona, the sun is about as strong as it gets. And reflections from windows can cause the grass to heat up, and can eventually lead to sun bleaching of the color in the spots affected. To avoid this, we recommend covering any windows which would cause a reflection of direct sunlight onto your new synthetic grass lawn to be covered with an awning or other window covering.
  • Have any minor damage to the grass professionally repaired as soon as possible. If your artificial turf gets damaged, such as a tear in the backing, or a seam coming apart, contact your installer right away to come out and give you an estimate on making the repairs before you have a bigger problem on your hands.



Following a simple maintenance routine once or twice a year will help extend the lifespan of your artificial grass lawn.

  • Raking – During the installation process, we use sand to help hold the grass in place, and make sure the individual blades of grass stand upright. Raking this sand infill lightly will dislodge any compacted areas, re-establish the original height to the grass and help to hold up the individual blades, giving a more natural, refreshed look.
  • Replenish antimicrobial infill as needed, if you have pets. For most of our Arizona artificial grass installations, we include an antimicrobial infill as part of the installation process. This unique antimicrobial infill sand helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. It significantly reduces the potential for pet orders, in particular. But its effectiveness can break down over time, so we may need to come out and add more antimicrobial infill from time to time, depending on how many pets are using the turf.


Homeowners and businesses who love the idea of a gorgeous yard, but don’t want to deal with the constant upkeep, and endless watering which is associated with a natural grass lawn, can now look forward to many years of a beautifully green back yard, free from maintenance, mud and brown spots.

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