Artificial Dog Run Grass

We provide extremely durable artificial dog and pet grass throughout metro Phoenix, AZ. Try it in your side yards or dog run areas!

You can create a better, greener lawn and dog runs for your pets with artificial grass for dogs from Celebrity Greens® Phoenix. Traditional sod may be the most inexpensive to install, but the long-term maintenance costs will keep you from playing with your beloved dogs. Here are some of the most common complaints we receive from customers with traditional sod lawns:

  • My natural grass smells bad
  • I can’t seem to get this spot in the lawn to grow or be green
  • I’m tired of mud or dry grass being tracked into my home
  • My dogs gets really bad skin allergies on their paws and underbellies from grass and weeds
  • My water bill is sky-high from watering the lawn
  • There’s a visible bald spot up and down the property line from the dogs

If you murmured in agreement to any of those common complaints, artificial grass for dogs and lawns is the answer for your Phoenix-area home. Celebrity Greens® pet turf comes in a variety of colors and blends to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.

Many choose to install our artificial pet turf in dog run areas like side yards. These are often the dead, brown and yellow grass spots from when your dog runs up and down to greet people as they pass your home. It is almost impossible to revive these areas back to a lush green lawn unless you have artificial grass for dogs. Our turf, however, is woven together with a tough yet porous backing to allow liquids to flow through, making it durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of your excited pet. They also cannot track mud or dried grass into your home when you have synthetic turf installed. The only exception is if your dogs have access to other plants and gardening areas.


Both the backing and grass blades have hypoallergenic properties to protect your pet while they are out playing in your yard. Regardless of the season, keeping your lawn looking lush and green is easy with the minimal maintenance requirements of synthetic turf. All you need to do is routine pet cleanup, rake the fibers and occasionally spray it down to keep the fibers lush, full and free of pet residue. This will considerably cut down on your water bill as well as your pet’s allergies.

With artificial pet grass, you can stop looking at dead grass or worrying about the gravel or weeds irritating your dog. Talk to Celebrity Greens® in Phoenix today to schedule a FREE quote for artificial grass for your dogs at your metro Phoenix home, because they deserve the best, after all!




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    • Low maintenance
    • No mowing, no weeding
    • More time for rest and relaxation with your friends and family!
    • Save big on your water bill
    • No expensive fertilizers & weed killers
    • Low maintenance, save on landscaping fees
    • No harmful fertilizers or weed killers
    • No gas needed for mowers/weedeaters
    • Save water – little to no water used