Are Artificial Lawns and Pools a Match Made in Heaven?

backyard landscaping with artificial grass lawn and putting green

Nothing looks better in an Arizona backyard, than a cool, refreshing pool surrounded by lush green grass. Throw in a private backyard putting green, and you’re the envy of the neighborhood.

phoenix az artificial grass pool surroundBut the problem with pools and grass is that they don’t always play well together. Salt or chlorinated pool water splashing onto your gorgeous winter lawn can kill it quickly, leaving unsightly brown, dead patches of previously green grass. And all that dead grass, including freshly mowed blades of grass, can end up in your pool. It’s definitely not a match made in heaven.

However, what IS a match made in heaven is artificial grass surrounding a beautiful, pristine pool. Artificial grass can stand up to overflowing or splashed pool water, along with stampeding wet feet. Installing synthetic turf means no more dirt and debris tracking from your lawn into your pool, and no dead grass in and around your pool.

An artificial grass backyard lawn looks clean and beautiful year-round without time-consuming, costly maintenance.

Do you have a big pool party coming up? Why spend hours preparing the backyard grass when you can have artificial turf that looks beautiful with minimal maintenance. All you have to do before your big party, is simply hose it off with some fresh clean water. Who doesn’t like that for a minimal amount of work?


Modern landscaping with synthetic grass.Your synthetic turf lawn will survive the harsh chemicals from any water that may spill or splash onto it.

Natural grass is sure to die if it’s left soaking in chlorine rich water. Not so with artificial grass. Just hose it off and it looks as good as new.


Artificial grass is a mess-free solution to your backyard maintenance

Unlike real grass, artificial lawns will not get muddy and soggy. This will keep your pool water, yard, dogs, kids, and patio mud-free as the family gets in and out, enjoying your backyard.


Create a Cleaner, Beautiful, Lasting, Mess-Free Backyard Today by installing Artificial Grass with Celebrity Greens.

Let our artificial grass experts come out and give you a hassle free design estimate on installing a new turf lawn in your backyard. We can even install it right up against your pool, maximizing your backyard’s green space, while keeping it as kid and pet friendly as possible. Call us today at 480-666-0288 for a free estimate.