Celebrity Greens Phoenix at the Hotel Del Coronado

hotel del coronado with celebrity greens artificial grass installationSummer in Arizona means many of us pick up and head for the cooler temperatures that Southern California beaches bring.

This summer, if you’re heading over to the coast, be sure to stop by the historical Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island. The iconic hotel hired our So Cal Celebrity Greens crew to install our heavy-duty artificial grass in their banquet courtyard. And while we’re admittedly a bit bias, we think it looks amazing!

But in addition to it’s good looks, the famous hotel chose our durable artificial grass for a number of other, very practical, reasons:

  • No need to water it, so there’s no worry about soggy grounds, or sinking chairs, during events
  • No maintenance, mowing, fertilizing, etc. means that they can run events back to back with no down time, and there are no times during the season where they are unable to book events.
  • The unique fiber structure of our synthetic turf will keep the blades of grass upright and looking great, even in the challenging environment with countless, heavy attendance events.
  • Patrons love it because their shoes and clothing don’t get grass or mud stains on them, and ladies high heals don’t sink in like every woman knows happens with natural grass.
  • Even the servers and event staffers are appreciative of the padded cushioning under our artificial grass, reducing their back and foot pain associated with long catering events.


Here are a few photos of the finished product. Check it out in person if you’re in the area. You’ll be amazed at how great, and how real it looks.