Artificial Grass Installers in Phoenix, AZ

Durable and low-maintenance artificial turf landscaping in Phoenix, AZ

Artificial grass installation throughout the Phoenix Arizona area has created a long-lasting solution for home and business owner’s landscaping needs. At Celebrity Greens, we are dedicated to providing high-quality artificial grass for various applications across the Valley. Whether you need a small dog run or want both your front and back yards covered, our team can install durable grass that will create a beautiful landscape.

Before we even begin the construction process, we want to get a feel for your landscaping needs. Our professional artificial grass installing team will visit with you on-site and learn more about how the space is used and which features are most important in your artificial grass installation. We’ll work within your budget by suggesting grass systems that are affordable and visually pleasing.

Whether you need your home or commercial property updated, you can install our durable artificial grass in the following areas:

  • Pet areas
  • Front, back, and side yards
  • Playgrounds and schools
  • Sports fields
  • Rooftops
  • Patios

residential artificial grass around backyard poolOur artificial grass installers have experience working with the existing elements in your landscape design to ensure a streamlined result. Whether you have a pool, patio, or a backyard putting green, we can easily adapt and install your artificial grass systems around these features.

After your needs have been determined, we’ll begin the installation process. We strive to complete your project quickly so you can enjoy your new low-maintenance lawn.

Natural sod requires countless hours of scheduling sprinkler systems, fertilizing your lawn, and manicuring it. By scheduling an artificial grass installation, you will soon discover that lawn care has never been easier. Simply rake any large debris away on your artificial turf surface and brush the fibers periodically to keep the lawn looking full and lush.

Phoenix residents and business owners can all benefit from our alternative lawn surfaces. It won’t be long until you will have a lower monthly water bill, the ability to spend more time with family and friends, and will have to never mow again. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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