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4 Reasons Why Artificial Dog Turf Helps You Enjoy Pet Ownership

artificial grass for pets in phoenixOwning a dog, especially a puppy, has its fair share of challenges as well as moments of joy. Nothing makes a dog-owner more proud than seeing their pet grow and learn. These are the moments that overshadow finding chewed up toys, furniture, and shoes throughout the house and even those yellow or brown spots in the yard.

golden retriever smiles while wet and muddyAt Celebrity Greens® in Phoenix, we are dog owners too, and we know how much you love your pets. That is why we want to be here for you and your beloved dog by providing a high-quality artificial turf for dog runs, side yards and other areas of your Phoenix-area lawn. Your pet deserves high quality and lush artificial dog grass that they can roll in and enjoy without the mess of tracked mud or dry grass blades.

When you work with Celebrity Greens®, we do not rely on a single type of artificial pet grass to fit every lawn. We have several synthetic lawn blend options with high-traffic durability to choose from for your pets. It’s assumed that natural grass is the better choice for your pup, but artificial pet grass can offer many advantages that traditional sod cannot.