Things To Include in Your Backyard Synthetic Putting Green Design

Scottsdale private putting green design

Installing a custom backyard putting green at your home can bring hours of enjoyment to your family and friends. It’s a great way to bring everyone together to enjoy the outdoors, in the privacy of your own home. Our temperate Phoenix climate makes it the perfect choice for an amazing backyard entertainment feature.

Some things to keep in mind when planning for your own backyard putting green:

– Place it in a central location, easily accessible, and close to the house.
A backyard putting green is a terrific social entertainment element to add to your backyard. You’ll want it close and convenient to your backyard patio, so friends and family can take full advantage of it. If you do a lot of entertaining, you’ll want to encourage people to use and admire your new private golf green, and the best way to do that is to make it a central feature of your backyard entertainment space.

backyard putting green arizona– Design some challenging terrain features into your putting green to help improve your short game.
Interesting undulations, pitches, sand traps, and other features can help keep your putting green fun and challenging. It is so joyful looking out into your backyard to see a gorgeous private putting green with rolling mounds, stacked sod bunkers, or even cuts around trees, flower beds, and cacti planters

– Plan for several bunkers, holes and multiple cuts of fringe to keep things interesting and challenging.
Not only will those types of features look amazing and add visual interest to your new backyard feature, they will really help you to improve your short game. A well designed putting green should be something your whole family can enjoy, and grow their game on. Challenging features may not be used right away by everyone in the family, but as their putting improves it allows them room to challenge their personal best and grow with the game.

– Look for a good area to add a chipping pad and a driving net in your backyard as well.
While the primary focus of your new backyard golf green will be putting, of course, you should also look for an area to add a small chipping pad to allow for practicing chipping and short pitch shots. You can even design one or two cuts of fringe to practice your short game to simulate chip shots from the rough. If you have room for it, a separate area can be added with a hitting net to practice wedge and iron practice shots, for building up your strength on the fairways.

pet friendly artificial grass– If you have pets or kids, consider redoing your entire backyard in artificial grass.
Because artificial grass is so durable plus easy to maintain, many people will go ahead and convert their entire backyards and front yards to artificial grass. It’s safe for kids and pets. It minimizes the mess both inside and outside since they won’t be tracking in mud or dead grass everywhere. Plus, it looks great year round with very little maintenance, and no need for watering. Synthetic turf stands up beautifully to pet waste, and the use of a special antimicrobial infill when installing the grass where pets live, prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors.

– Be sure to incorporate attractive lighting into the design.
If you’re like most Arizona families, you probably do a lot of entertaining in the evening and into the nighttime hours. Lighting is critical to get the most out of your new backyard putting green. In the late spring, summer, and even going into the fall, daytime temperatures can rise to ridiculous levels in Arizona. So, you’re going to want to be able to use your new putting green in the evening and nighttime hours, to get the most out of it.

– Customize your new backyard putting green with personalized tee markers, flags, scoreboards and ball cleaners.
“Our customers have bought personalized tee markers and even flags embroidered with their names on them, for a very customized look. We can even refer them to companies who will sell them logo flags with their favorite schools or professional sports teams on them” says Weston Weber, founder of Celebrity Greens. “Make it your own and have some fun with it.”


The artificial grass experts at Celebrity Greens can help you design the backyard putting green of your dreams

Whether you have a large expansive property where you want to install a par 3 golf hole, or a more limited side yard with room for just a small private putting green, our golf green design team can help you.
We will come out to your property and design a putting green installation which will make the most of your space, incorporating bunkers, undulations, chipping areas, carefully placed holes, lighting, and more. We’ll make sure that the backyard putting green we design for you and your family is challenging enough to allow for continued growth and performance for everyone in your family.
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